"Law & Order" absorbs actress from "CSI: Miami"

I read that Alana de la Garza, who played Horatio Caine’s wife on CSI: Miami this past season, will replace Annie Parisse as Jack McCoy’s assistant/potential love puppet on Law & Order. With Milena Govich already signed on to be the new junior detective, the show’s estrogen factor has certainly shot up!

Interesting. I always remember that show long ago when McCoy’s old associate (lover?) a middle-aged woman asked Jill Hennessy, “He always sleeps with his associates…You’re sleeping with him, right?” and Claire is brought up short, can’t even answer. So I guess we can assume he’ll move on to this newest one. It was a dry spell there for a while, what with the lesbian and all. :wink:

I guess since Oz went off HBO the L&O franchise had to start getting their actors from somewhere else.

What time-frame are we talking about here? When’s the new L&O season start?

So, what happens to Horatio’s wife? Not that I watch CSI Miami, I’m just curious if she’s doing both shows.

On CSI:Miami:

Her character was killed fairly quickly after marrying Horatio Caine. I’m pretty sure she arranged to have herself killed when she realized that she had married Horatio Caine.