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I’m currently watching L&O and noticed Jerry Orbach (sp?) playing a defense attorney in a episode from the 3-4 season. The episode has Paul Sorvino, and the black ADA Robinette. I also recall an episode from the 5-6 season where the black lady who plays the new Captain is playing a mother of a young boy murdered. This show has an amazing turn over in cast for a highly rated show. Does anyone else recall a character who played a role different than the one they’ve become known for? How about a character who played a victim or suspect in one episode, and returned as an defense attorney or judge? Are any of you as obsessive as me?

I’m not as observant as you but I just wanted to post that this is one of my favorite shows. I can’t believe that hunky Hispanic guy is leaving! No, I don’t know his name, but I know that he won’t return in the new season. I was really bummed when Chris Noth (sp?) left, he was a major, hunky babe too! Just call me lusty in SLC with no content!

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Here you are, my sometimes evil twin. Probably more than you bargained for: :smiley:

Cool link, pretty much closes this thread though :frowning:

Sorry, Omni. It did climax a bit quickly.

Well, let’s reopen it, just for a little bit. The page cited doesn’t mention that Richard Brooks reprised his Robinette role in the ’96 season, this time as a defense attorney. He did a great job, reminding me of why he was my favorite second chair.

Incidentally, The Complete Law & Order Database is pretty good. Or (as you doubtless know) you can just watch A&E for two straight weeks and see the whole nine years.

Finally, you may be interested to know that L&O is a major employer of second and third rung actors and actresses in NYC. Almost everybody I know in the field has done at least a day as an extra on the jury or something. L&O has a one-year rule in that once you appear on it, you can’t reappear as a different character for a full year. (I think there have been lapses in enforcement of this rule, but I’m not gonna go through that entire list to check.)

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I would like to see Michael Moriarty reprise his role as Ben Stone in a case opposing Jack McCoy. Has the show ever mentioned where Stone went after he left the DA’s office?

I’ve watched the show for years. One thing that always bothered me is that when the police are out talking to people, nobody ever stops what they’re doing to talk. I mean if police come to your house while you’re washing the dishes to question you about a murder case, you would probably stop washing those dishes to talk to them.

Gilligan, the show is set in NYC. We’re busy. More importantly, we’re The City That Never Sleeps, which makes us hyperactive and cranky.

Besides, if you seem too interested in the police investigation, you look guilty.

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*Byzantine: Just call me lusty in SLC with no content! *

Isn’t that illegal in Utah? :slight_smile:

Speaking of the way characters behave, is anyone else getting tired of the smart-ass judges at arraignments? I mean, some of them practically have stand-up routines. Which leads me to the small claims court shows. Each new judge seems to get more aggressive. I predict within a year we’ll have a judge that leaps over the bench and personally beats up the litigants. A former pro wrestler, perhaps.


AWB–shhh, I don’t think my neighbors know! I stuff a pillow in my mouth so they don’t hear the screams of pleasure! If they ever found out I’d probably be forced to go to the Temple and have all my lustiness stripped away by having to boff returning missionaries!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

Now there’s a second L & 0 scheduled for Monday nights, and if I’m to believe the previews they’re bringing back the bald officer who was replaced by Van Buren.
And one Homicide holdover.

Yes as i understand it, Kragen (Dan Florek’s character of the old captain) is being resurrected, and Munch (Richard Belzer’s character in Homicide) are being formulated into the Special Victims Unit, and will frequently over lap with L&O.