lawnmowers etc.

Good for Cecil speaking out against the practice of lawn worship!
We had one neighbour whose belief was so cult-like that he watered for hours daily, even in the rain, to the extent his fence was moss-covered; then he mowed Saturday morning at 8am so that nobody could sleep. Ho,icide seems the only cure.
Our present home has a tiny urban lawn, which I am gradually digging up and re-planting with low-maintenance flowring bushes, bulbs (whick retain water, and perennials. It flowered gorgeously all last summer, uses little water, and needs no mowing :slight_smile:
When I was stuck with a suburban lawn, I got a Black and Decker electric lawnmower. A hundred-foot cord works fine and a prson with average intelligence can learn to flip it aside at the end of the row. Hydrolectric power solves the other pollution problem to a large degree.

Is this in regards to a particular column?
Powers &8^]

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Does using a gasoline powered lawn mower produce as much pollution as driving an SUV 300 miles?