Lawrence Welk person Bob [Kwai?]: Who was he?

This might have been scripted, but that’s irrelevant to the question. Anyway. . .

I think this was Lawrence Welk’s last program for ABC. He mentions needing something to drink and asks some offscreen person named Bob [Kwai] (pronounced similar to the river) to get him some water. When Bob brings it to him, Welk tells him, “Actually, Bob, I just wanted to bring you out her [to say thanks or something].”

I’m familiar with most of the Welk Family since the 1960s, but I have a complete blank on this person, and I didn’t see anything remotely resembling his name in the credits. He reminded me somewhat of Fred Mertz.

This clip was on youtube, but I can’t access youtube currently. Anyone???

OK. . . . Lawrence Welk’s last ABC program

Well Welk says he’s been with the show for 16 years. He must be a producer or something. The end credits are pretty minimal.