Lawry's vs. Johnny's seasoned salt

As far as I can tell there are only four locations in the US and six internationally. The closest to me is over a three hour drive. If you can’t taste it they are probably doing it right as it shouldn’t over power, but enhance.

I’m pretty sure though that what is being discussed is the product with the orange lid you can find in pretty much any supermarket in the country.

Kind of like if Morton’s had four restaurants.

Never been there, but Johnny’s comes from Johnny’s Dock restaurant in Tacoma. Not sure if this helps anyone.

I have just about gotten through the giant Costco bottle of Johnny’s at my house, so I guess I used it quite a bit. But now that I’m not supposed to have any sugar, I stopped.

I’m pretty sure all the stores sell Lawry’s around here. I’m not sure I could tell the difference between the two brands.

I love Lawry’s seasoned salt. Haven’t had the other kinds mentioned here. Did you know this is what Rally’s puts on their fries?

BITD Lum’s restaurants did it too. LOVED their fries.

The only Seasoning salt I ever really used is the Big Boy stuff, but I haven’t had any in 150 years.

Checking online it looks(assuming it is the same we used to get) like it has MSG, which explains why it was so good.