Lawry's vs. Johnny's seasoned salt

Someone mentioned Lawry’s seasoned salt in the pork rub thread.

I haven’t seen Lawry’s since I left SoCal. It’s probably available here, but I’ve never noticed. Johnny’s Seasoning Salt (heh – plain salt would be for seasoning too!) seems popular. A couple/few years ago I mentioned to my sister in San Diego that I hadn’t seen Lawry’s. I’d forgotten about the conversation until one day a package came in the mail. No note, just a jar of Lawry’s. I had to laugh because A) My sister is in no position to buy frivolous things, nor pay postage; and B) I already have a jar of Johnny’s that I barely use. I still haven’t opened the Lawry’s, but I thought they were basically the same thing. Here are the ingredients of each:

Lawry’s contains salt, sugar, spices (including paprika and turmeric), onion, cornstarch, garlic, tricalcium phosphate (prevents caking), natural flavour, paprika oleoresin (for colour).

Johnny’s contains salt, sugar, paprika, pepper, dehydrated garlic, soy sauce powder (soybeans, wheat, salt, malto-dextrin), cellulose gel & citric acid.

Salt, sugar, and paprika are the same. Both contain garlic. Lawry’s had onion in it, and Johnny’s doesn’t. Johnny’s contains pepper and soy sauce powder, and Lawry’s doesn’t.

Now that I know they’re slightly different, I should have a taste-test. But it’s easier to just ask opinions. So which do you prefer? Lawry’s or Johnny’s?


Yup. Penzeys for us too.

Never heard of Johnny’s so, by default, Lawry’s (and that’s what I have in my pantry.)

I used to use Johnny’s for burgers. Now I just use the McCormick Steak Seasoning.

I also like to use Old Bay as a general seasoned salt, not just for crabcakes and seafood or whatnot.

I’ve never heard of Johnny’s… maybe it is a regional thing. Lawry’s is my standard go to. Bett’s is a good one from North Carolina I think but it is hard to find. I found one the other day called Country Bob’s which is really good on fries.

Can you tell I like seasoned salt?

Slight hijack, I love Lawry’s seasoned Salt and is readily available everywhere in Canada, but what I find even better which isn’t available in Canada anymore is Lawry’s seasoned Pepper!

When ever I go “across the line” I’m bring jars of this stuff back with me. Love it!


Huh. I must have misread the thread title and the OP.

Never tried Johnny’s. I grew up in CA, so Lawry’s was the default. It’s available in plenty of places near Seattle. My preference is to buy it by the tub at Cash & Carry and then put it into a shaker that I re-use. It’s a lot cheaper that way and I use a fair amount in things like rubs where I measure it or sprinkle it with a spoon anyway.

Nah. We just reprogrammed the simulation to give us…options.

But then we’d have to open it up to Kobayashi spices.

Neither? I don’t cook with either one, because I tend to dry- or wet brine meat and fish before cooking, so the last thing I want is a seasoning rub where the first ingredient is salt. I’ve yet to see anyone market salt-free rubs for those of us who plan ahead.

Tony’s…on everything.

Never heard of Johnny’s, but I do like Lowrey’s.
I sure wish we could vote for Penzey’s though. :wink: If that were an option I’d choose it. I love a lot of their salt and spice blends, actually.

Dude, I answered the OP in my first reply, then expanded with the Old Bay as an aside. But given that I’ve never heard of Johnny’s, it’s not really a fair question. Is this a West Coast thing?

Nope, because I’ve never heard of Johnny’s either. Must be a PNW thing.

I love Lawry’s seasoned salt. Haven’t had the other kinds mentioned here. Did you know this is what Rally’s puts on their fries?

Lawry’s Garlic Salt, Course Ground with Parsley. A little bit different, I guess.

Quick question, how many people in this thread have actually eaten at a Lawry’s? I have and I couldn’t tell you what they put that salt on.