Lawsuit evaluation specialists?

Are there any businesses or specialists that provide litigation appraisals? Specifically I’m looking for someone that could review a case summary and/or court documents (filed complaint, motions, etc.) and then provide their best guess at the probability of a settlement, favorable trial outcome, likely settlement, and estimated legal fees.

I realize that these things are wild cards but, in the potential life-altering realm of litigation, best guesses would certainly be better than flying blind given the huge costs of litigation. A second opinion from another attorney is an option but their feedback might be hampered by a lack of having litigated similar cases and perhaps a conflict of interest such as a desire to be retained. Before going that route, I’d rather see if there were specialists providing such services.

Not really. There are people who do things like that (insurance adjusters, litigation loan companies, etc) but you can’t just hire one privately (as far as I know).

I’d suggest you find an attorney who does that type of work and offer them an hourly fee to discuss the case with you. But, as you can imagine, any advice you get will be filled with qualifications. Litigation is very hard to predict.

What you’re describing is a big part of what a mediator does. You could retain one on a consulting basis.