Lawyer turns informer...shenanigans abound!

Here in Melbourne, Aus, there had been a long-running ‘gangland’ war. For many years you would have been a fool to have a latte on Lygon St Carlton without a bullet-proof vest. Lots of killings, lots of drugs. lots of vendettas…but they finally came to an end about 10 years back. It seems the cops FINALLY nabbed all the culprits, chucked them in jail and threw away the keys…
Well, ahem, maybe not.

This is just WOW. But not in a good wow way.

Ahh, probably should have added that the lawyer defending these folks in court was simultaneously reporting to the cops about their crimes. Nasty times ahead for her and the cops, celebrations for the crims who will likely now be released from gaol for tainted evidence and miscarriages of justice.

Wow, I wonder if I know her. Can’t seem to google her name as it’s being supressed. She’s either a really stupid lawyer (didn’t know the consequences of what she was doing) or the best lawyer ever (got all her client’s cases thrown out).

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Also, since I honestly don’t see a reason not to, let me link you to a couple of the numerous articles about what’s clearly the person in question, many of which refer to her doing the same wire-wearing thing that they’ve apparently ‘suddenly realised’ she’s been doing … with her crooked-cop/gangster-wannabe/boyfriend about a decade ago. Still with her name on them. And in some cases photos.

Yesterday there was a very detailed story from the Hun about wire-wearing escapades with a date of 2011. It’s gone now, so I guess the legal system is catching up to the fact that Google is a thing? I wonder if they’ve figured out that the Wayback Machine is a thing yet?

Thanks for that! No don’t know her. But I know someone who may be a relative. :stuck_out_tongue:

Licky boom boom down!

Nicola Gobbo for those who don’t read the link.


Glad I’m not the only one who remembers that awful song.

Shhhh, it’s a secret.

Sorry, didn’t see your other thread. :smack:

And I was so sure at first it was going to be Zarah Garde-Wilson. Anyway, it sucks to be Nicola. And Simon Overland. And Christine Nixon. And a whole lot of other individuals of the time.

So this is not just a “get of jail free” card, but also a “yeah, you can totally sue the govt” card as well?

Looking like a distinct possibility. Honestly, wtf were they thinking?

Z G-W has been quoted in a few articles on the subject. And I’m sure at least part of the reason for her being willing to do so is “See? 3838 is totally not me!”

I did actually deliberately not mention any names so that when the Wheelz-O-Justice finally got round to the articles I posted, then this thread wouldn’t be an independently informative link. But … eh, whatever.

The level of detail in the original articles, while studiously avoiding mentioning an actual name, is very nearly up to the level of “Speaking from her home in Buckingham palace, the unnamed Head of State, who we cannot identify for legal reasons…” in terms of total uselessness-for-purpose. But maybe this is Victoria Police’s subtle way of conveying “ok, fuck you all, we actually Do Not Care if somebody drives by and shoots this person in the head”. Which is a not unlikely result of the current flurry of publicity, IMNSHO

Or, an Actual Example from the Real World:

My God! Who–WHO–could this mysterious “Individual-1” possibly be?!?

We are living in very weird times.

So what happens now? Nicola doesn’t want ‘Witness Protection’ because she doesn’t trust the Vic Police (understandably…they have the most reason to make sure she never talks to a Royal Commission). But there’s a whole lot of Seedy Characters out there who would also be very happy pop a bullet into her head, just for revenge.

Seriously, where does she go and what does she do?

In a happy twist of fate, I’ve just been reminded of a person with deep pockets and low standards who’s in need of an army of lawyers and has a similarly fine grasp of basic ethical standards.

And bonus points because she’s blonde with big…(cough) ‘ethical standards’. Amirite?


… and the world most livable city at the time I believe.

It’s all gone down hill since, since, well the Gold Rush frankly.

You’re right. Sydney is way better. We’ll be sure to tell all the gangsters that when they get out of jail :stuck_out_tongue: