Lawyers: What are the legal ramifications of posting pics of your ex nude on the net?

Like say for instance, I dated a skank for a while, and she totally screwed me over in a tremendous way.

What if I wanted to post her nude pics into every newsgroup I could possibly find?

What problems might arise?

IANAL, but if you email me those pictures, I will gladly give you my opinion.


He might want a second opinion…just to be sure. I’m here to help.

How badly would you want to advertise your poor taste in women?


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A lot of things could and probably would arise, but enough of 'em would be problems that the Dope and the Reader must refuse to share, however reluctantly.*

[sub]* vicariously, of course, on part of the membership. We won’t mention administration. But don’t even dream of going there anyway.[/sub]

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