Laxdaela Saga reimagining- resources on free people of colour and early 19th century Nigeria

Groan Another fiction thread (but not really).

One of my heaps of story ideas is for a retelling of the Kjartan-Bolli-Gudrun revenge plot in the Icelandic Laxdaela saga set on a fictional Caribbean island in the same Norse cosmology/19th century history/sagas-inspired universe as Isaholmi Spar’s Bjarki Throinssonbut several decades later. Among the changes is that

[spoiler] Snorri Godi is now a woman and a practitioner of Santeria (or a fantasy version of such). Snorra is also a composite character [spoiler] and Kjartan and Gudrun are mixed-race Creoles. Gudrun is a free woman of colour.

This thread is about resources. Can anyone recommend more good English books on the life of the average free person of colour in the Spanish West Indies/Caribbean in about the 1860s? Or any ones on life in petty kingdoms in Yorubaland in the 1830s?

I found quite a bit on 1890s Cuba (inspiration for the setting which is called Isla de Acantilados Negros) for example Women and Slavery In Nineteenth Century Cuba, Bread and Bulletsand Marriage, Class and Colour In Nineteeth century Cuba. But I’m not sure about anything that explores Nigerian life in the 1830s. And other than The Year Of The Lash I can’t find much on free people of colour. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Note: The island has a big Icelandic/Norwegian influence from Isaholmic colonisation, so Norse names (eg Sigurd, Hildur, Gunnar, Njal, Asdis) with Spanish surnames are common. Also no comments on the concept please (although I admit I was thinking about whether it would be possible to transport a saga plot to another cultural context for quite a while, and Laxdaela Saga is pretty well-known among saga fans).

Not sure if this helps you and you might have heard of it already, but this is set in 1890 and focuses on the Igbo Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe

Hi Alba, I DID know about Things Fall Apart, but somehow I never knew it was set in 1890.