LCD color correction

Can I color correct my LCD screen well without an expensive add on? Is there a free/cheap/not so cheap software prog. I can get? I just printed out some pictures that looked excellent on the screen, but were green tinted on paper! :mad: I know its not the paper, because some that I used a different photoshop process on came out fine. Thanks in advance.

Do you have Adobe Gamma on your computer? If you have Photoshop installed, you should. My Computer > Control Panel > Adobe Gamma. There’s a wizard that’ll guide you through the process.

If not, I think Windows has some generic gamma utility on it, but I’ve never used it.

But the monitor is only one step in calibrating a good color printing workflow. Your printer itself may be biased for certain colors. For example, my Epson 1260 reproduces pretty faithfully what’s on screen, but my HP Deskjet 722C gives everything a slight green cast. Unfortunately, the HP drivers don’t come with any sort of manual ink adjustments (whereas the Epson 1260 allows you to fine tune each of the inks), so you have to adjust the color inks set-up within your image editing application or guess by color biasing towards magenta to offset the green cast.


Thanks. I’ll give the Adobe utility a try.