LDS, Callings Software?

LDS folks:

[ol][li]What free software do you use to help you in your callings? I’m interested both in programs that run on desktop or laptops and in programs for handhelds.[/li]
[li]Does anyone have a good recommendation for freeware for scheduling the services that fits the following criteria?[/li][list=a][li]Allows for non-English characters.[/li][li]Avoids conflict (i.e., not assigning the same person to be in two places at once).[/li][li]Rotates the preparation, blessing, and passing of the Sacrament through the qualified Priesthood holders fairly.[/li][li]Selects speakers on appropriate bases and for appropriate topics for their age/calling/etc.[/li][li]Whatever else you think is appropriate for this.[/ol][/list][/li]
If none of this is available for free, recommend what you use that is reasonably priced. Or, if you’re a glutton for punishment, try to teach me how to program this. :wink:

So, y’all are doing this “by hand?” Maybe I’m not very organized, but I would dearly love to have some computational assistance.

Not sure how many people on missions or in the LDS priesthood are on the boards-- perhaps you could re-ask with a more general title, and ask about generic scheduling software that could do such a thing? Seems like someone would make such a thing, though. Have you just scanned through the software section at the Deseret website?

Wow - there’s not an LDS message board that would have more info than SDMB would? I’d have thought they’d have that all figured out by now…

Shh! We’re about to get the secrets of the temple elders!

Seriously, wouldn’t this be more of a GQ thing?
And excepting D, wouldn’t any calendaring program do it?

I don’t know of any, but I think you’d have a lot more luck on an LDS message board like Nauvoo or MAD.