Le Petomane (Joseph Pujol

Does anyone have the birth date and death date for Le Petomane. I know the years were 1857-1945, but I can’t seem to find anything more precise. Thanks.


His birthday was 1 June

Thanks don’t ask. ANYONE have LE Petomane’s death date?

Born: June 1[sup]st[/sup], 1857 to François and Rose Pujol

Died: “Soon after the allied landings in 1945 the great artist died at the age of 88 …”

From: Le Petomane by J. Nohain and F. Caradec[ul]
© 1967 by Jean-Jaques Pauvert
Translation by Warren Tute[/ul]Evidently his death records were lost in the post war confusion.

He was buried in the cemetery of La Valette in the Var departement so send some Paris Doper to check out the grave.