Lead/asbestos removal questions -RREM

This is a bit long - sorry. Our NJ house was damaged during Superstorm Sandy and we are considering elevating using grant money. As part of the process a “scope of work” report was prepared by the grant administrators listing, in great detail, what needs to be done and what the itemized costs are. Part of the process is checking for asbestos and lead and remediating where necessary. The only lead found was in the paint on the front door. The costs associated with the removal and clean up of the front door exceed $14,000.:eek: A call to our local public utilities said we can just put the door out in the trash. WTF is going on here?

We do have asbestos siding covered with vinyl siding which is, apparently, ok. However, we also have asbestos tile on the cement slab floor (its a split level house) that is covered with carpeting. The perimeter tiles all have damage due to the carpet installation. We are told that all the tiles have to come up and be disposed of. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but IIRC the cost to do this approached or exceeded $10,000. My question is why can’t they simply pour concrete over the existing floor or otherwise seal it in place? If we go through with the lifting this area would become a crawl space. I thought asbestos was only dangerous if disturbed. O.K. - clean up the broken perimeter tiles but why the whole floor? Its actually in great shape. (There may also be asbestos in the tar paper on the roof which would require the removal and replacement of the four year old roof.)

We have qualified for the maximum amount for the grant(s) ($195,000) but we are on the hook for anything exceeding that amount. Their estimate would mean at least another $50K out of pocket but were told (by them) ignore their estimate because they are high. We have yet to get an estimate from a contractor. We are leaning toward no doing it and simply paying the higher insurance premiums when they come. Any of you Garden State Dopers dealt with RREM?

Removing lead paint creates lots of lead dust and has to be done by specialists in protective gear. Removing lead-painted things doesn’t create significant amounts of dust.

The lead paint is what you have to worry about. Lead paint ingestion in young children causes, poisoning, mental retardation and sometimes death. That is what you should be most worried about and SHOULD have professionally removed. Tear out the asbestos tile yourself and don’t tell anyone about it. It’s not really dangerous despite all the hysteria surrounding anything asbestos based. It will not become airborn like asbestos insulation. Same thing with the asbestos siding. wet it down a bit with a garden hose or pump sprayer, where a dust maks and tear it out yourself. Don’t tell anyone what it is and that you are just remodeing and save yourself a small fortune.

Buy a new door … that clears the lead issue … for half the price of clean up you can buy one hell of a nice front door … stained glass, rosewood insets, gold-plated hardware, internet-ready …

What’s up with all the asbestos zombies today? The first 3 GQ posts today are resurrected threads about asbestos.

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