Lead Paint Concerns


I have been getting conflicting messages online about lead road paint in uk. Some sites say it is still used to date, while others say in 2019 it was banned by EU, after they had previously allowed Dominion Colour Corporation to use it.

Which one if these is correct?
And is walking past line painting works harmful to health?

Thank you
(bear in mind this is in Britain not the usa)

I can only imagine lead paint in very specific applications - certainly not in general use these days.

That said, we have loads of older housing that does have lead paint all over the place so it is wise to be wary of hot air gun paint stripping or of the dust from sanding down.

You can take samples and get them tested.

Well, apparently road paint was one of the specific applications – it makes a tougher polymer than the other white pigments. Also lead has been used in the glass reflective beads.

Road Paint would have been covered by the REACH regulations (not so much ROHS), and I don’t know anything about REACH exemptions. I see that DCC only completed REACH Registration April 5, 2018, but that’s an international company – it doesn’t necessarily mean they were selling lead paint for roadworks in the UK.