Leader Line (Ice Skating)

I only casually watch ice skating. It can be very exciting, but it’s not something to make a point to watch. The closest I’ve come to speed skating is walking by Apolo Ohno’s father’s hair salon in Belltown on my afternoon promenades. (Hm… I do need a haircut…)

So, the leader line. Does that show where the fastest skater so far was at that point in time? i.e., if the skater is ahead of the line, he is faster than the leader, and if he’s behind it he’s slower than the leader?

Something like that. Given that the only split times recorded are as the finish line is crossed, the leader line has to be averaged at least over the lap in question, so it’s not going to be exactly accurate. I don’t recall ever seeing it before, but it’s kinda nifty.