Leadstom MP3 players

A friend wants a high-capacity MP3 player. We find 512 MB Leadstom MP3 Players (w/FM radio, Voice Recorder) for around $40-$60 at eBay, that price being light on the selling price end but heavy on the S&H. And they seem to ship from Hong Kong.

So- anyone have any experience with Leadstrom? Know any good sites that assess their products? Thanks!

I’ll tell you what I’ve seen so far - but it’s not Leadstom.

I got some that were obviously pretty close to direct from Hong Kong. The english in the manuals was…interesting. I’d gotten the el-cheapo ones from Ultra that had built-in 256 to which you could then add an SD or MMC card to add another 512. They had a tuner, could function as a jump drive, blah blah etc.

I put in some country MP3s for my girlfriend and they played fine. I put some audiobooks in the one I’d gotten for myself and…lockup. Any time I tried to open an audiobook file.

Major league problems. Sometimes they’d recognize the memory cards, some times they wouldn’t.

So, I returned them and got myself a Creative Zen Touch and got her a more expensive 256MB unit that she’s quite happy with. I can’t remember the brand, though.

Basically, my post is pretty useless. Except, you’re going to get what you pay for. Sure, you might get lucky and find the one bargain basement unit that isn’t flaky. But how many restocking fees do you want to pay before you find it?


Just got myself a SanDisk Sansa M230. It has all the features asked about in the OP. 512MB, FM tuner, Voice recorder, plays MP3 and wma. I haven’t tried the Audible format, but if it is not already supported, it will be soon (with a firmware update). Just about $65 brandnew from amazon.com

It uses AAA batteries instead of the built-in rechargable kind so it is a bit bulkier, but I’m still on my first battery (it been used about an hour every weekday since Jan 13th).

It uses flash memory and you can use it as a thumbnail drive to store other files on as well. You don’t need any special software, it will show up as another drive. Just drag and drop the files to it and you’re done.

It’s biggest drawback is that it doesn’t support windows or winamp playlists, and it ignores directories so it lumps everything you put on there together. It does have a “favorites” list that lets you mark up to 30 songs and you can play only your favorites. However, it will look at the ID3 tag and you can play all the songs from a particular artist, album, or genre. I just used a tag editor and changed the genres to mach each other.

I like it. Think I’ll keep it.