Leap of Faith

Today, my physics class was actually quite interesting. (don’t worry, this does have to do with my debate.) We were talking about how religion and physics were related, and then somehow my teacher started questioning the existence of matter, and how it got there and such and such. Well, my friend said, “you have to take a leap of faith somewhere.” I said you don’t have to, you can simply be patient and wait for an answer instead of making one up.

But really, i don’t see how people these days need to take a “leap of faith.” What are people afraid of? What does it matter if you don’t know how the universe came to be? Is it really necessary to make an all powerful being to explain what you can’t? Just because we don’t have an answer doesn’t mean that we can’t find one in time.

I know religion has deep roots, but in todays times, is a god really necessary?

It seems the concept is necessary for some people. It seems to help some people get through life.

Another way to look at it is to say that “taking a leap of faith” is an admission that there are some things that we can never know. In the case of the whole “does matter exist?” thing, it can also be said to be setting a threshold of reality acceptance… in other words, we can be about 99% positive that matter exists, and that’s good enough.