Learn about sex from Jill, Willy, Kirsty, and Tam

Just go to this link…


…and press Begin for the story of Kirsty and Tam and their Scottish (?) sexual angst.
I didn’t ask Jill or Willy any questions yet.

What’s a saddo?


I’ll have to check this out. It’s probably too late for me to learn about it on the school bus or the streets.

I jsut found that site yesterday. It’s great. The accent helps of course, but it’s really the only thing I’ve seen on th subject that seems appropriately pitched to the audience. At first I thought it was a joke because it’s unflinching in depicting that, yes, teens are interested in sex. But it’s actually very well crafted – it doesn’t say sex is bad or always wrong (the message always in the background of American versions of these things, even when it isn’t explicit), it just says it’s a big deal, and you’ve got to be mature about it.


I love how the illustrations mimic the Dick and Jane pics of my earliest readers. It adds a whole new depth to Sally and Spot et al. <evil cackle here>

“Tam cycles home in a rush, taking care not to crush his knackers.”

“My baws are full to burst!”

I love it.