Learning the violin- beginner resource recommendations?

I’ve decided, seeing as I now live by myself with lots of free time in the evenings, to have another attempt at learning to play the violin. My last try was over 20 years ago, as a school kid, but I only took lessons for a few months due to timetabling issues and not having anywhere private to practice.

There are a few people advertising lessons locally, which I do intend to try, but I’m on a very limited budget, as a student with limited work opportunities, so I’m not able to commit to weekly lessons. One a month is probably about my limit. I’ve got a few projects and irregular evening work starting up right now, being the start of a new semester, so I’m going to leave it trying to arrange lessons for a week or so first, so I’ve got a clearer idea of when would be good for me.

The instrument has been researched, and my shiny new violin is arriving tomorrow, but does anyone have suggestions for good online lessons or other resources? I’m looking at learning folk style fiddle, rather than classical violin, but I’m at such an early stage, it probably doesn’t matter. I used to be able to just about read music, but it’s been a while, so suggestions there would also be great.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Good luck, you’ve bitten off quite a task! Violin isn’t easy to learn. I’d suggest at some point you seek out lessons. For YouTube/fiddle though, check out Kate Adelson, she’s amazing:

Thanks! She does have some really nice tutorials. I know it’s supposed to be tough, but I got fed up of thinking ‘I’ll give it another go sometime’, and putting it off.

Can you share what instrument you bought? I’m in a similar position: played as a kid, now an adult, interested in re-learning to play.

I don’t want a cheap piece of junk, but I also don’t want to sink thousands into this since who knows if I’ll love it.

This lady teaches violin and piano on her channel. She offers a nice selection of beginner songs.

A couple people have posted “progress” videos learning violin. Day 1 they are terrible. You can see they’ve learned a lot in the year end video.

That teacher has reviewed a few student violins on her channel.

She speaks favorably about the Stentor II. It’s about $150.

She lists a bunch of reviews in the expanded info section.

I’ve ordered a Stentor student violin, Unfortunately, I, uh, wasn’t paying enough to the order page (probably because I was checking multiple sites for price/service rating comparison), and didn’t notice I’d wound up on a 1/16th size. They are switching it, as I’d need doll arms to play the one that arrived, but it’ll be another week.

I’m not sure if it’s the student I or II I’ll be getting; I think I did order the II, but they just put up a special on the I and both get good reviews. I need to call 'em back later today to organise the return anyway, so I’ll ask then.

You’ll need a shoulder rest. It attaches to the violin.

I played in the school orchestra 7 years. I regret that I stopped afterwards.

I’d have to relearn from scratch now.

You may eventually want an electric violin. Use some cool pedals.