Learning to play piano

Im currently trying to find a piano tutor so I can learn how to play piano. I think Im a pretty talented individule and Im not an idiot. How long does it take to learn to play even a simple song? A year maybe less? I have no musical experience other than singing in the shower or the car.

You can just keep on playing a song over and over again from sheet music until you’ve learnt it off by heart, that’s how I learned.

I had no interest in playing and only did so because my parents insisted I did. When I didn’t have to learn a song off by heart, I didn’t, simple as that. So if someone so disinclined as I can do it, so can you. My sister liked the piano a lot more and my Dad more so, he can sit down and improvise on a few basic chords all night long.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

How long it takes to learn a song depends solely on you. I took perhaps 6 months worth of piano lessons at about age six, and have some basic song knowledge that I’ve retained fifteen years later, with no further training on the piano at all. A couple of years ago I taught myself to play the first minute or two of Beethoven’s moonlight sonata over the course of a weekend. YMMV.

A tutor will teach you scales and chords to start with, and they’ll teach you the proper way of holding your hands - essential if you want to play for any length of time. I’ve forgotten my hand techniques, and playing for anything more than a few minutes tends to make my fingers and wrists ache deplorably. But you’ll get onto simple songs within the first few months, if you’re going on a regular basis and seem to be learning what they’re trying to teach you.

What do you call a simple song? You could probably learn to play the melodies for simple songs like Christmas carols rather quickly depending on your tutor. I would go to a tutor for a time at least so you can learn the basics of how to interpret the music properly. (Things like using the pedals “limbering excercises” and correct fingering etc.) It will help you play better. Also, you have to learn how to read sheet music in the first place, don’t you? (That will take determination and patience on your part.) You’ll start at the very bottom, and it will seem “stupid” and “pointless” but if you stick with it, you can progress quickly. If you don’t feel the tutor is challenging you enough, talk to them and see if you can’t find a middle ground, maybe give you different things to work with every now and then that have the same teaching purpose. (Be ready for a LOT of repitition, you have to be able to find the notes without a pause, without looking. That is why you’ll be doing the same thing over and over, but it’s worth it in time.) Heh, I liked the piece that you played with an orange. I can’t remember the composer, but it was a doozy. Good luck, and stick with it. It is worth it. Learning to read music will open the door for other instruments if you don’t really like the piano. You’d just have to learn the specific notations for that instrument.

So if I take lessons from a tutor to learn basics what would be the next step? Are those electric pianos with teaching modes worth the time and money?

Stick with a tutor, they can teach you things like how to hold your hands and what the notes should sound like while doing so, as well as how to use the pedals. You can’t get that from a “teaching mode”. Some things you really do need to see/hear demonstrated to be able to fully grasp and do for yourself. This is coming from someone who had some lessons, but mostly learned from piano student books and my mother’s (who had piano lessons herself, and totored the younger children to help pay for her lessons.) tutoring. I also play by ear.