Leasing a car in UK

What do I need to lease a car in the United Kingdom? Can I get by with a valid US driver’s license, proof of insurance from a US carrier, and the insurance capability offered by US credit cards?

In addition, what could I expect to pay to lease, say, a Mini-Cooper S for 10 days?

Thanks in advance.

You basically have everything you need. But…

Make certain that you are actually insured!

Many of the companies, even the US-based ones, do not have any insurance as a “standard” item - not even the most basic stuff. The keep asking me to sign a form saying that anything that happens to the car will be automatically charged to my credit card, without my approval or oversight! :eek: Of course, that is unacceptable, so I always buy a policy from them (since my company does not have an international blanket car rental policy, only US domestic).

I don’t know about Mini’s - I’ve never seen one for lease as a standard car. Typically they are Fords or Vauxhall’s that I see.