Leather book bindings

I’ve been wondering lately whether it is possible to get books with high-quality leather (real or imitation) bindings. By that, I mean something like this Lord of the Rings book. I wish more books did this, since it looks so nice. No cheezy or irrelevant cover illustration, no prominant display that it is part of a series (like Penguin Classics), just the book in a very straightfoward manner.

I’ve been thinking of buying a few classics such as The Trial, and The Three Musketeers (evidently, I’m starting with the T’s). I’ve looked at the Three Musketeers, but all the editions look pretty cheap. Obviously I could probably get a nice rare book at a high price, but I have no need for rarity.

So, am I missing something, or is this kind of binding just not done anymore?

Signature Classics leather edition of The Three Musketeers.

Then do a search on Amazon for Signature Classics for lots more leather-bound classics.

The Easton Press also did a leather-bound Musketeers. They do nothing but leather-bound classics.

Of course, they’re a lot pricier than Signature Classics.

For less expensive editions, try the Franklin Press:

Word About Franklin Library Editions:

Or go to abebooks.com and enter “leather” into keyword.

Easton Press doesn’t just do canonical classics; other very popular books, too.

And their product is not books, but furniture–not really meant to be read, I think.

Great info, guys. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

I disagree; I’ve got a number of Easton Press books and reading them is an absolute joy. There’s just something about classic literature that smells so good.

Of course, a number of people do get them just to show off their fancy leather books.

Can you actually order individual books from Easton? Their website makes it look like you have to buy whatever series you’re interested in and just take each book as it comes.

Go into their online catalog. The pages have lots of multi-volume sets, but if you click on an individual book an individual price comes up. And that’s in addition to the regular titles on the first page listed separately.