Leather Jacket in India?

A friend of mine is about to take a trip to India, to the region of Tamil Nadu to be precise. He was under the impression that I might know if it is smart to walk around in a bovine leather jacket there, what with the sacred cows and all. I have no fricking clue but I don’t want to let him know that. Please don’t let me down!

Not all Indians worship cows. I work with one who loves beef and have an Indian friend who is a devote vegatarian (but not for religious reasons). India is a huge country, thus it has diverse customs. Now if you told me he was going to wear his pigskin jacket over to Pakistan I might be a bit concerned . . . :wink:

Why don’t you call tech support for something and ask them? :wink:

Isn’t it hot as hell in Tamil? I mean, it’s literally a jungle. I passed through there some time ago when I was taking an excursion on a business trip. As it has been previously noted, not everyone worships cows and Tamil is modern enough, from what I remember, that no one will get in your face about it. Though, I think someone getting in your face for religious reasons will happen more often than not in the remote villages compared to say a Western country’s equivalent. But, I digress… If your friend is fond of dehydration, he will get more odd looks for that notion than for anything religious.

I have two leather jackets in my closet that were both made in India, so there’s that too.

Most people in India don’t have a problem with leather. My family in India is all vegetarian, but still wear leather. The belief, whether true or not, is that leather is made from cows that died of natural causes. Thus, it’s okay. I can’t speak for all of India, but this certainly is true anywhere I’ve been. As far as I know, everyone in India has leather shoes and sneakers.

It is VERY hot in Tamil nadu now… They will `not object to his wearing a leather jacket for religious reasons… But he will be a funny guy to wear that in a place where temparature reaches 35 to 38 degrees and crosses 40 in some places.

Leatherworking is a huge industry in India. Almost everyone has leather belts, shoes, wallets, and handbags.

Leather jackets, while usually not appropriate for the weather, are easy to obtain and are frequently seen in movies and on television.

Plenty of Hindus are involved in the leather industry. One of my ancestors was the principal of a leather tanning institute.

India is a great place to go shopping for leather goods.

This probably sounded a bit naive. There are lots of lots of people in India who can’t afford shoes. But of the ones that can, I’ve seen plenty of leather.

Maybe the OP’s friend thought the temperatures in India were listed in Fahrenheit, and that’s why he was planning on taking a heavy jacket. :smack:

I’m pretty sure Denmark uses the Celsius scale.

Anyway, you can wear all the leather you want in India, as others have observed.

Well maybe not as much as everyone might want. :smiley:

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Shodan who owns a leather jacket made in Nepal, if that helps

Leather jacket?
In India?
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he can refer this article on the temparatures…

Even in hill stations ( in case he is going to ooty,kodaikanal etc…) he wont need a jacket in summer…