Leaving an EV parked for a week - will it lose charge?

I’ll be taking delivery of a 2019 VW e-Golf tomorrow. It’s being provided by my employer to cover the period until my official company car (an Audi Q4 e-Tron) is delivered and will be my first EV. I have a wallbox installed and ready to go, so I’m not concerned about being able to charge it.

This model has a fairly low range by EV standards - officially 144 miles, but in practice less than that. In general, I’ll be pootling around town and charging at home, so range isn’t a problem. However, I do have one longish drive scheduled for the period where I’ll have the e-Golf. I’ll be driving from my home to an airport hotel, and leaving the car in the hotel’s outdoor car park for week while I jet off for a well earned break. The round trip will be ~120 miles, so I wouldn’t risk it in one go - I’ll charge it at the hotel when I arrive if possible, or find another charger if not.

So here’s the question: if I charge it the night before I fly out, which would be more convenient, can I expect that it will retain the charge for a week while parked up? Temperatures in the outdoor carpark could reasonably be zero degrees C or thereabouts.

TL;DR - if I leave a fully charged EV parked up in zero-degree C temperatures for a week, will it still have a full charge when I get back?

EVs can sit for months without charging. The discharge rates I’ve seen quoted vary from model to model, running from 1% per day (max) down to 2%-3% per month. You’ll be fine for a week.

Zut got it in one. Nothing to worry about.

Tesla’s are a little different. We were losing more power than expected. We stopped that by turning off some features that use power when sitting around. My iPace doesn’t lose any while parked that I can notice.

Thanks all.