LED bulbs and enclosed fixtures.

Some LED bulbs say on the packaging that they should not be used in enclosed fixtures. Others specifically say that they can be used in enclosed fixtures. Still others say nothing about enclosed fixtures one way or the other.

Why are some bulbs unsuited for enclosed fixtures? Is it hazardous in some way or simply hard on the bulbs (shortening their life). What is the difference between them and the ones that say they can be used in such fixtures?

What about the ones that say nothing? Can they be used in such fixtures? One would think so except for the fact that there are other bulbs that specifically state that they can be, which would seem to imply that others can’t.

the ones “not suitable” for enclosed fixtures have less heat sink with which to cool the diode(s) and power supply, so they need at least some cooling via convection. putting them in an enclosed fixture means they’ll roast in stagnant hot air and may die prematurely.