Lee L. Mercer, Jr. for President: To Prove That America Is America!

“I am on an academic intelligence hotwire that can not be unhooked by anyone.”

Lee L. Mercer Jr. promises the American people: “Once, I am elected to the office of President of the United States of America the thing I am going to do for the people is regulate the office of the President of the United States of America right and not wrong.”

The man is almost too qualified:

*"I have a doctor degree Phd. as a doctor of laws, medicine ( not practitioner of medicine, i.e. physicians, surgeons), theology, management, engineering and other subjects that are guaranteed by the United States Army in ROTC to be presented to me in a court of Law only.

I will receive my doctor degrees in a court of law only. My final graduation will be in a United States of America’s Court which was ordered by my second ROTC Board and Staff Janet Reno former U.S. Attorney General, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army and Secretary Of State of The United States General Colin Powell, Sr. and former Secretary of The United States Army Togo West. They will be joining me circumstantially later."*

Mr. Mercer’s campaign was highlighted at The Agony Booth, a website typically devoted to meticulous critiques of extraordinary movies. However, they occasionally stretch the premise to honor surpassing achievement in other fields of endeavor.

Some have expressed suspicions that Mr. Mercer’s campaign may be inauthentic, a front for some nefarious purpose. To these cynics, I can only offer the words of renowned American political scholar, Francis E. Dec: *“Worldwide, usually at night, you go to nearby hospital or camouflaged miniature hospital van trucks, you strip naked, lay on the operating table, which slides into the concealed Computer God robot operating cabinet.” *

Apologies if Mr. Mercer and his vision for (of?) America has already been discussed here. I found the campaign inspirational enough to be worth sharing. A candidate like Lee L. Mercer Jr. makes me proud to be a Democrat. Do the Republicans have anyone comparable to offer? Does anyone?