Left leg in...

Being a British citizen recently emigrated to the USA, I am fascinated by some of the similarities and differences between our two cultures. One thing in particular has been bugging me - most people in the USA are aware of the song “The Hokey Pokey”, but us loveable limeys know this song as “The Hokey Cokey”. It would seem logical to assume these two songs share a
common origin, but when did these fundamental titles diverge? Did something sinister happen on the Mayflower that necessitated this change, and if so, why choose poking over coking?

Umm, just curious - what do “poking” and “coking” mean in the UK? Cause to me, the question translates to “why choose sex over drugs”, which is of course a matter of personal preference and all, but one’s legal and the other’s not, in the US. Not that I think that’s what the song is all about. :smiley:

Some b.g. info:


… info. courtesy of the National Institiutes of Health … ?



Oh–and warning re: incessant music on the first link…