Leftover Turkey - Need Answer Fast!

OK, it isn’t quite an emergency in the same vein as “how to land on concrete without dying - need answer fast” but…

I brined and baked a turkey breast last Friday. Two fairly boring meals of sliced turkey and veggies, followed by one of a sort of shepherd’s pie (turkey, salsa, black beans, a little corn, topped by store-bought mashed potatoes, plus some pepper jack cheese - kids LOVED it), and I tossed the carcass into a pot to make stock and salvage what turned out to be a surprising amount of meat.

Turned the resulting stock (made from cider-brined turkey = yum even if it was just a single breast, not a whole bird), plus all that meat, into turkey noodle soup for last night’s dinner. Leftover now: a fair amount of turkey swimming in a bit less stock than I’d usually want, if I were going to cook up some more noodles and serve soup again. It’s more like a somewhat liquidy stew now.

Any suggestions for another way to serve it? I have this vague idea of draining off the liquid, boiling it down a bit and thickening it somehow, then dumping the solids (meat, plus some carrots/celery) and the thickened stock, into a pan and making pot pie out of it, but I dunno how well that’d work.

Also any other favorite recipes for cooked turkey meat for future reference? I have at least one more of those turkey breasts in the freezer (they were on sale).

How about making a flour-thickened gravy with the liquid and serving the solids with the gravy over mashed potatoes?

Try this Turkey Tortellini soup.
It is great!
We make it every Christmas (from the frozen broth/turkey from Thanksgiving).
Easy to make, and go ahead and double or triple the ingredients.


I wound up just dumping the results in with a bunch of plain noodles, so it was more like just turkey noodle soup with a much much higher proportion of noodles than usual. Not as good as some of the alternatives. I’m sorry I didn’t save the pan drippings - those, plus the broth and a bit of flour, would have made a very tasty sauce for over the spuds.

I’ll have to try the tortellini soup also, next time - I’ve got at least one more of the turkey breasts in the freezer.

How about cooking the stock off (or reserving it for something else) and make taco meat or barbeque sauced pulled turkey? 'Twould be easy enough to do.