Legal in All Circumstances (or, I Wish a Muthasucka would!)

This is why it should be easier to get sterilized, but so many doctors will fight you tooth and nail about it, particularly if you are female. It sounds like your wife wants to have no more children ever, not just right now, but if she is under 40 she’d probably have trouble getting a tubal or Essure. In some states, they even make the husband sign his OK to the procedure (or did - has that finally changed?)

We’d considered that option (for either of us) and neither of us really wanted to get surgery, so we opted for the pill. She’d tried taking it many years ago but claimed it made her feel really ill so she stopped and didn’t look into any alternatives.

Once we had our third child, we started discussing it again or just wore condoms. She finally went to get a checkup and a prescription, and she was happy to report that the pills no longer made her feel sick. Unfortunately they didn’t work, either! And we were even going as far as using “pull and pray” along with the pill just to be sure and it still happened.

My sister also has hyperfertility on the pill (pregnant twice even though on it). She had a Mirena IUD implanted over 4 years ago, and as far as I know it’s worked beautifully. Might be something to look into, if full on sterilisation isn’t an option right now.

Has she told her GYN? I have this vague memory that the Pill comes in different types for different female hormone make ups. Actually, more than vague, as I had to get a different formula pill because I ended up with one that made me crazy! :eek:

Boy does THAT ever explain a lot.

What does that mean? Are you referencing me and my family?

I think s/he was responding to curlcoat, not you.

No, he’s just taking a cheap shot at me. No worries. :smiley:

^ ^ This. ^ ^

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I most always am.

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So, you don’t listen do doctors when they give a prescription, cuz that would be someone else telling you what to do with your body.
Or not drinking and driving.
Or health insurance
Or …lots of other things where I’m sure you DO listen to and follow others’ instructions, your bitching is a lame way to say “I wanna abort”. Don’t try to give it a psychological or philosophical spin.

I’d love to see how far this “I don’t care what your ideas are about 'the miracle of life” took you if oyu really believed it outside abortion.

BTW, extra points for posting pro-abortion stuff on the SDMB…it’s not like we hear it every week.
Nzinga, stand up and go eat shit all that sitting.

Why do I need a way, lame or otherwise, to say that ‘I wanna abort’. I can abort anytime I want. It is legal. Accept it.

As far as my doctor telling me what to do; he does that all the time. But I wish the mothafucka would think that it is more than a suggestion…I will eat what I want and work out when I want. He knows that.

Because folks just can’t waltz around this country telling free men and women what to do. You know, if that weren’t the case, I would probably feel kinda…bitter.

Luckily, I am on the right side of this issue! It’s enough to make me wanna open up a pro abortion thread on the SDMB.

By the way, the last line of your post was baffling. WTF??

Thread win!

I sitting your eat shit!

I love that no matter how many times we pro-lifers say it, the pro-choice still insist on calling it “my body”. No one cares what you do with your body. We care about the baby’s body. It’s like we’re saying “Hey! Quit stabbing that homeless guy!” and you saying “Don’t tell me what to do with my arms!” I thought that would be pretty clear to everyone by now.

Ah! Clear as crystal.

This probably goes without saying, but if a homeless guy takes up residence in my womb, I am pretty sure I get to stab him.

I agree with most of the OP. All this debate goes right out the window the second you’re looking at that torn condom, noticing a gap on the calendar or peeing on that stick.

(This has been posted on the Dope before, but the stories from The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion illustrates my p.o.v. perfectly.)

I am pro choice for everybody, prolife for me. I had an abortion and did not think twice about it, as it happened after I had my tubes tied because trying a third pregnancy would kill me.

I am going to live, it is called self preservation.

Now if we can get the rest of the prolifers to understand that not everybody going into a clinic is using abortion as birth control, and it is their body, and their decision … and stop picketing. Do you really think that people nowdays have not heard the prolife agenda after all the ads taken out in print and TV? All you do when you harass women while picketing is estrange them.

You didn’t know it was legal?

The difference in all of those except the driving drunk is that those are still choices - nobody has made a law that says that you have to take any prescription or buy health insurance. But they do keep trying to make it a law that any woman that gets pregnant shall be forced to carry the pregnancy to term. Simply because some people think life begins at conception. Why are they allowed to force their religion off on us?

What does this mean?

There is no baby’s body. I’d think that would be clear by now.