(legal) Music download sites?

This has been done before, but perhaps it’s time to update things.

Now that itunes has been around for a while, and competitors have sprung up (Wal-Mart is even getting into the act for 88 cents/song), what is your experience with the various legal music download sites? Anyone care to contrast them as to ease of use, flexibility of end product – that is, what file format, can you burn the songs to CDs or not, and any other DMCA restrictions?

And I understand there are some legal sites that offer unlimited downloads for a fixed monthly fee (sorry, don’t have a link handy). What’s up with them? Is there a catch?

Virgin Music downloads contains over 200,000 songs but I have yet to find a single one that I have searched for. It seems to contain all but the songs I like.

You can burn some of the songs to CD. Different songs have different license issues. The songs get downloaded with licences so if you were to take your song to a different computer it wouldn’t play, or the software would dial up to aquire the licence and ask you to pay for it again.

The catch is, many artists/companies refuse to let their music onto the download sites. There’s very little new stuff on there.

So it would be a good place to look for oldies and catalog stuff?

Actually I should have said ‘popular’ instead of new. There’s lots of oldies there, but all the good* stuff I looked for was old (80s) and it wasn’t there.
Don’t take my word for it I am just being cynical. It may have everything you want.
[sub]* I have found lots of good music by browsing, just that when I’ve gone to it with a specific song in mind it’s not been there[/sub]