Legal Question(nothing to do with Mr.Icculus')

I am in England so I’m not sure if the law is anything different in America.OK so here’s the situation.I was living in a hostel which also housed about 60-70 other bods and so I became quite friendly with them.One night about 4-5 of them came back to my place and were smoking cigarettes and drinking.After a while some of them started to make joints,so I told them to leave.They didn’t like this and so got rather aggressive and starting waving several bits of furniture about. I let them all calm down and then eventually persuaded them to leave.
Afterwards I found my credit card and phone had gone(obviously the reason that they decided to go rather more quietly)and so reported it to the police.
They told me that they wouldn’t deal with it unless as part of the statement,I accepted a caution because I had ‘permitted them to smoke cannabis on my premises’.Technically yes,but I considered under the circumstances with someone waving a plank about it was better to let them cool down and move them on a bit later.
I considered that I had shifted them on as soon as was reasonably safe,but since I wanted these mugs done(let them get away with it,and I’ll be back),I had no choice but to accept it(although I did note on the caution of what I had done that it was due to fear of personal injury).
Can anyone tell me whether I should have been cautioned or not?It seems ridiculous that I can be charged for someone else’s offence-what’s next–little old ladies being charged because a burglar in their house was committing a crime and they didn’t try and stop him?

I dont understand much of that.

Is a “caution” like an affidavit? Were you charged with the crime, or just warned? Do you have to go to court now? Pay a fine? Go to jail?

Since I’m not a lawyer, I’ll go ahead and say that fear of bodily harm is a pretty good defense in this case. You didn’t want to let them do it, but they were threatening you. In Florida, if you tell someone to leave your house and they refuse and try to hit you with furniture, that’s tresspass, aggravated assault and burglary. Not to mention the stolen phone and credit card. You were the victim here, I dont see why they charged you with something. Did you make it clear to them that you were threatened?

Good luck!