Legal Question

Great. So now, you’re saying, that in addition to my being a slut in highschool I was also a felonious slut?

In the day, I was well on my way to full-blown alcoholism and was typically the passed-out girl at the party. I was drunk at school on numerous occasions. I was a slut, all those cheerleaders were right. I slept with their boyfriends and it made me feel good - like I was getting back at the girls who didn’t want me on the squad. HAH! It was really good for my self-image too (not!). But I never believed I was doing anything illegal.

Can I now call up some ‘repressed’ memories of these “dates” and sue the guys? Could I get financial reimbursement for the emotional horror that was the next morning? I slept with many a man over 18 when I was 16. More than a hundred, all told, during my active times. Now, as a result, I have a fucked up view of relations with my husband. It’s not fun. Maybe I could get some $$ for the emotional damages to him?

Satire, folks, satire. I take full responsibility for every time I opened my legs. But it does beg the question.

Well, I have a little vacation time coming up, can you pick me up at the airport, in say, four hours?

A quick note about statutory rape and the “just turned 18” thing: some states, like Texas, have the statute worded such that there is an affirmative defense to prosecution so long as the actor is not more than 3 years older than the victim, the victim is over 14, and the actor is not a registered sex offender. Oh, and that the actor and victim would not be prohibited from marrying, which is some odd thing from the anti-bigamy statute, not real sure what that’s all about.

Anyway, that means that a guy who turns 18 and still has sex with his 16 year old girlfriend still has an affirmative defense to prosecution. Does that mean he won’t be prosecuted? No, if the prosecutor is a dick, but at least he has a damn good defense.

Oh, we used to talk about girls like you in high school. “I sure wish I could date her” we’d say.

This is odd. In NY, the age of consent is 17. So a man could have sex with a 17 year woman, but not be allowed to possess a nude photo of her…strange.

Most states’ age of consent is 16 years old. In some states depending on the age of the partner it is as low as 14 or 15 years old. Still doesn’t affect porn laws though.

Remember when doing the right thing was marrying the girl you got pregnant?

No more.


So, what was the outcome for these two kids?

The law was changed, giving judges more discretion in such cases. The two remain friends and have joint custody of the child, although she married someone else (an ex-boyfriend, who was in fact the person that introduced the two). link.

Also not all states apply “Romeo & Juliet” laws when the teens in question are of the same sex.

I am absolutely certain that here in Canada, minors over the age of consent(14?) can possess pornographic images of themselves, or of themselves with others. They cannot distribute it, though. Recently there was a case where a teenager had naked pictures of his girlfriend, and gave them to all his friends after they broke up. I’m not sure if the case has gone to court yet, but he was definitely charged with distributing child porn.

This came out in R. v. Sharpe. Wikipedia says that so long as the sex act depicted is legal and the recording is for private use only, then it is legal.

I remember reading about a case similar to the Wisconsin case that Will Repair posted a link to.

I think it was in Washington state or Oregon.

An 18 year old (and I think he had just turned 18) got his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant and married her with her parents’ consent. As I understand it, this was a legal marriage. The local DA found out about it and charged him with statutory rape of his own wife.

He had to go to jail and must register as a sex offender.

I’m not sure where I intially heard this, but it came up in a discusion about prosecutors applying their personal moral standards on the community they serve.

I think if the girl’s parents consented to a marriage, the DA has no business prosecuting this.

This happened a few years ago and maybe another poster is more familiar with the story.

Was he prosecuted for having sex with his wife (ie after they were married)? Do statutory rape laws even apply to married couples?

I’m remembering I think the same case, iamamoocher, but the detail I remember is that they moved to a new state after getting married, one in which the age of consent was higher - so the woman he legally married was now underage and he was charged with (statutory) raping his wife. Or was that a different case?

It’s different if they moved to another state. States don’t have to recognize eachothers marriages if they’re against public policy.

I’m fuzzy on the details.

I thought it was the same state and the same jurisdiction of the DA.

But I may be wrong.

alphaboi867–as I remember it, he got her pregnant first and then married her. Which is what her parents wanted (the marriage) and gave consent to.

IIRC, this is what all involved (the 2 families) wanted.

Her parents thought the guy was great. Full-time job, comittment, and all.

The DA was supposedly right of Ashcroft–our Federal guy who spent $1,000’s to hide the bare-breasted statue of Lady Justice behind curtains during press conferences at the same time we’re fighting a war that should liberate women from wearing burkas.

I’m a Republican, but something like that makes me shake my head in disbelief.

And alphaboi867: that’s just crazy that your legal wife in one state is your statutory rape victim in another.

What do you think?

It’s crazy, but that’s how our legal system works. I can get married in Mass, but in (nearly) every other state me and my husband would be complete strangers as far as the law’s concerned.

But is that a “gay” marriage issue or not? I don’t know what your sex is.

And that maybe should be another thread.

I think being convicted as a "rapist’ for sex with your wife is beyond the Pale.

The point is if their marriage wasn’t recognized by the state they moved to then she wasn’t his “legal wife” and he was having sex with minor.