Legal Representation While on the Lam

A friend’s brother was charged with a crime (I’d prefer to not get into details). He spoke with an attorney about representation, the attorney wanted to discuss it with his partner before taking the case. The kid then went on the lam, and no one can find him. His prelim hearing is on Tuesday.

Is there a way to hire an attorney for him even though he’s not there? How about getting a court appointed attorney in his absence (abstentia)? If so, how?

Granted, running was the worst thing he could do, but he’s a kid (18).

Or will the hearing be postponed until he can be present?

A bench warrant will be issued for his arrest. Period. End of story. If he was released on bail, it is forfeit and he’ll face charges of bail jumping as well as the original charges. He is now a flight risk and when he’s caught, he’ll probably be jailed until trial.

Since he has not retained an attorney, I don’t believe the family will be able to retain one for him at this point. It will probably be throwing good money after bad at this juncture.

If anyone knows where he is, encourage him to show up for his court date. It’s really not worth it to run, regardless of what the charges are. It can only make things worse in the long run.

Bench warrants do not go away and they have the tendency to pop up at the most inconvenient times - like years later when you’re running late to your wedding and get stopped by the cops for speeding…

Thanks, but, yeah, he’ll have a warrant out for his arrest. (This is serious enough that he won’t wake up 5 years from now to address that.)

My fear is default judgments in the criminal case (is that possible?), and in protective services issues…