Legal slavery to a spouse?

Is there a country in the world where I could be a woman’s legal personal property, without personal rights, enforceable by the laws of that country?

That is a rather bizarre question. While slavery still exists in parts of the world, it isn’t legal anywhere. If it was legal, I can’t imagine that a woman owning a man would be an allowed scenario. It would most likely be the opposite.

I have to say, Geiselcat, you have asked some interesting questions in your tenture here.
The answer to your question is no.
The last country to get rid of LEGAL slavery did it before the second world war.
Now some folks could certainly wind up in a situation where they are coerced into working for little or no money and have the threat of sanctions for quitting their job that would dramatically exceed loss of wages, repayment of tuition or deposits on tools.
Most of the folks who find themselves on this particular short end of that stick do so by doing business with criminals… some smuggling rings that bring in illegal immigrants do this; I’ve heard of it happenning to some asian immigrants.
As far as a man being enslaved by a woman, even illegally… I can’t say that’s bloody likely to happen today, although perhaps it is occurring, somewhere.

Certainly the scenario HAS existed in history. We could probably look at the antebellum US southland to find an example. In a large plantation, most of the slave-supervising would have been left to white men employed by the plantation owner. The gender of the owner would largely be irrelevant. I can imagine we could find a few examples of widows or female heirs acquiring slaves.
Of course, I may be cheating by introducing property acquired through inheritance; certainly the number of single women founding brand-new plantations approaches or achieves zero.

Ok, granted. I am the direct descendant of a very long line of slave owners. Females tend to outlive males and I know that some of my Great-X grandmothers must have inherited them. There was a National Geographic article a few years ago on modern day slavery. They estimated the number world-wide to be about 30 million if IRC. They are concentrated in Africa in countries like the Sudan and also in Southeast Asia. With a number like 30 million, at least some of the owners have to be women (there were some psycho female slave owners back in the day in the New Orleans area). It still isn’t legal though.

Are you asking this question in the context of a sexual relationship? I think what you’re referring to would be “voluntary servitude,” and many couples in that lifestyle use the word “slave,” and many have contracts drawn up for the pupose of avoiding possible liability. But other than that, I doubt whether any government would support such a relationship, in the sense of declaring you her property.

And I’m not sure whether that would still be the case if the genders were reversed, or if you were both the same gender.

Yup. In this country we call it marriage. :smiley:

I know that’s not true. Saudi Arabia abolished slavery in 1962, and it looks like the last country to abolish slavery was Oman, in 1970.

I guess I wanted to know the answer in both the contexts of with or without a sexual relationship. I’ve always wondered if there is actaully a country that will legally recognize and enforce a document of slavery, and of further interest, one of a man to a woman. I’m aware of the lifestyle which you are referring to, but I was wondering if such an arrangement, or perhaps an unvoluntary one like it, was legally supported anywhere in the world. From the responses, it seems that the answer is no. Thanks all.

On a related note, how common were sexual relations between a mistress and her slaves in the antebellum South? I imagine that if they were caught the slave would be killed soon after, but what of the woman? I suppose she could always claim rape.

Actual exchange between my wife and me yesterday:

She: “I have a job for you to do this summer.”

I: “Will I get paid for this job?”

She: “Um, no …”

I: “So, what you’re saying is, that you’ve got some slave labor for me to do this summer.”