Legal term?

I was reading through instructions on how to set up a board for a non profit. It states board members should be unrelated. Is this a blood relation they refer to or an association type relation?

This relates to a board I serve on where board members are attempting to get their own click in as a majority.

You’ll have to go to the relavent law governing non-profit corporations in your state and see how it defines the term.

I found this:

Off topic, but it looks like you’ve had your answer: the word is “clique,” pronounced either klēk or klik.

The drama continues. Yesterday The treasurer made a physical threat against me for asking him to explain a recent transaction where he removed all the money from our account and opened up a new account with only his signature on it. The rules clearly state that all board members need to be notified in advance and at least two signatures must be used on any transaction unless it is an emergency and other cannot be reached. I asked for his immediate removal this morning and now I am waiting to see what happens. If he is not removed it will serve as testament to the already existing cronyism taking over the board.

If you have any desire to fix this, you need to consult with a business attorney immediately about getting an injunction to prevent any disbursement of those funds while the board drama sorts itself out.

I am considering this but I don’t want to pay for it out of my pocket. The cronyism has entrenched itself deeply enough that I have a feeling I will loose this battle and be voted off the board by a narrow margin. Not sure what reason they could make up, oversight is all directors responsibility and no one else is willing to ask questions or stand up.

It sounds like this is non-hypothetical legal advice, which means that it should go in IMHO, not GQ. Moving.