Legality of advertising a rental with no running water?

This may be a stupid question, but Craigslist sparked my curiosity and I couldn’t google the answer: is it legal to advertise a rental unit with no running water? I found this ad today to rent a log cabin. It has electricity and is situated next to a creek, but no running water.

Who’d want to rent a place without the ability to take a shower? I wouldn’t want to live there. Someone else might be interested since the rent is low, but this is upstate New York. The ad says a pump could be rigged up from the nearby creek, but it’s about to get colder than a titch’s witty here. I don’t know if that creek freezes over in winter, but I bet it’s possible. What say ye, legal types?

As long as they’re open about it, some people are rugged living types. My son would love a place like that.

Lots of folks like in places without electricity or running water. There are plenty of ways to keep clean without indoor plumbing. I’d be surprised if it was illegal to do so in those areas. It might be different in a developed community.

Might be outside a city or county limit that requires water service. I’ve got several friends whose families own cabins in upstate NY without water (and some without electricity).

How can legalities be given without at least a general location?

The OP mentioned upstate New York.

there are rural areas which have no building codes applied to them.

even if there are codes the building may have predated them and be grandfathered in.