Legality of embryonic stem cell research worldwide

As we all know, Bush recently vetoed federal funding for embryonic stem cell research in the US to establish new stem cell lines. I’ve got questions:

  1. In which countries is it illegal to do this type of research at all? By this, I don’t mean withholding of federal funds-- I mean no one can do it, private or public.

  2. In which countries is the situation similar to the US?

  3. In which countries is government funded research legal, and actually happening?

  4. Under current US law, could researchers get new stem cell lines from another country and do research with federal funds in the US?

Im not sure about the situation of other countries but I have recently learned in my political science class that in this case, by making embryonic stem cell research illegal, it simply means that the government will not fund research related to stem cells. So in actuality, any scientist using private funding as long as the funds didn’t come from the federal government, could legally clone a human being and do as much stem cell research as he wants.

Stem Cell Policy:World Stem Cell Map.

Germany is trying to make the EU ban public funding for stem cell research.

Ironically, most of the embryos used come from fertility clinics and will be thrown away if not used this way. But let’s not get our moral judgment clouded by facts.

As much as I disagree with the Christian Democrat position, they certainly don’t deny that. They are just arguing that it must not make a difference.

I’m sorry, but I’m not quite sure what “it must not make a difference” means. Make a difference to what?

In their opinion the fact that the embryos are doomed anyway doesn’t make their use in research any more acceptable.

Ah, that’s clear. Thanks.

In regards to the OP, if you’re curious about stem cell research, there’s a feature on it in National Geographic from a few months ago. You might be able to find some information (and perhaps maps with legal status) on their website. I’d check, but my computer’s acting up.

I didn’t know that!