Legalize it. [Marijuana]

I think weed should be legalized.

Weed doesn’t lead to crime anymore then alcohol does. It CREATES crime if you make it illegal. The Capones couldn’t have existed except for the fact that alcohol was illegal. You can’t go to the cops if your deal goes wrong so you need to take care of things yourself if you’re in that buisness.
It doesn’t inherently cause people to steal stuff.
It may not make you want to succeed in business, but it may make you happy while you are not giving a crap about the latest techniques in marketing strategies. In a FREE COUNTRY, this should be your right.
It can in some cases trigger psychotic episodes. That is a risk that YOU should decide for yourself, not another human.
There has been no case of someone ever OD-ing on weed. If this were a legitimate reason to not smoke weed (which it’s not) then a lot of over the counter medications as well as alcohol needs to be illegal.
There is evidence that (even if you are not psychotic) it is bad for the brain. Lack of motivation as well as short term memory loss are indicative of brain rewiring/ altered chemistry (in a negative way as a short term memory is a part of our brain functioning). Still, it should be YOUR CHOICE if you take this path or not.

That’s all I have for now. Peace.

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(Seriously, do you have a debate here? Or should we be petitioning for a move to IMHO?)

Well, I have to agree. Everyone who is going to smoke it already does. The problem is that it’s currently at a cost to individuals and to society.

If there is effectively no enforcement of individual possession, which is the case, isn’t that effectively legalization already? There’s still some resistance met by wholesale distributors, sure, but that’s at the business-risk level.

You make many good arguments for the rest of us, Gateway, but in your particular case, I’d think any of *your *drugs would lead to harder, more harmful drug use.

I agree with you that the stuff should be legal, but these aren’t very compelling arguments- or at least that’s not how I’d put them. We do make safety choices on behalf of other people all the time and I’m OK with that in principle. The question here is how much risk is being assumed (generally not that much) and the very high cost of keeping it illegal and arresting people. But I wouldn’t argue that everybody has the right to choose psychotic episodes and brain damage.

I disagree, but purely anecdotally. I love weed, but I do not currently smoke due to its prohibition. The difficulty of obtaining it coupled with the risks of prosecution for purchase and consumption outweigh my desire for it. As soon as my state legalizes, I will again be a user.

I feel confident that there exists a substantial number of people in the same boat. But again, that’s entirely anecdotal.

No? Do we have the right to huff cleaning supplies and fall off ladders?

While you have some valid points, this isn’t one of them:

I see variations on that a lot, and it’s laughably untrue. The mob weren’t legitimate alcohol dealers forced into crime by Prohibition. They were a pre-exisiting crime syndicate that merely turned to alcohol during Prohibition and turned to other things when it ended.

More to the point, the mob then and now deals in cigarettes, even though cigarettes are legal. They can make money evading the taxes…but the driver is that cigarettes are addictive, not that they are illegal. You’re talking about a substance that is addictive as well (to some degree), and (because it is in demand) it will be meddled in by organized crime whether legal or illegal, as long as it is taxed (and it will be taxed).


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Related to this topic, despite 20 states (plus DC) allowing medical marijuana dispensaries and quasi-legalization in Colorado and Washington, the fact that Marijuana is still a schedule I drug at the federal level has made banks gunshy about doing business with dispensaries for fear of running afoul of fedeal money-laundering statutes.

Some of these businesses are handling huge amounts of cash, most of them are not able to process credit card transactions–not even the ATM is safe:

So, the business-risks are quite huge, and IMO a serious stumbling block toward real legalization. It’s more than just allowing individual possession; the Feds really need to address the business side before effective legalization is realistic.

History lesson:

Legal history of cannabis in the United States

The OP and others here clearly need to watch this educational film!!!

I see what your saying but I think it should be legal fully. Plus the people who are in prison due to weed should be released.

I plan on seeing that sometime. I hear that is one of the propaganda movies that was largely responsible either for weed prohibition and/or the war on drugs, I am not 100 percent about that though.

I likewise would like it to be legalized.

But as I have said before; I would also like it to be a $500 fine for smoking that shit in a public area.

The thing is is that they have the gun-power and aren’t afraid to go against the law. These are the people who will be the sharks in the water you have to compete with if you want to buy the product at least in certain areas. They can push around smaller organizations to maximize their product (think crack dealer on a corner. They will not let some random guy come up and take their profits by selling if they are weaker)

The fact that it is illegal makes it rarer and higher risk to the seller which in and of itself hikes up the price. It is now attractive to crime organization because of the artificially raised profits.

ESPECIALLY if it is addictive, if it is at a higher price (due to what I said above) it can cause you to try to get the money by things like theft and robbery.