Legally Disentangling Oneself

I have a friend in Boston who has an ex-boyfriend living with him who is a Thai national. My friend helped him with his visa, brought him over to the US, has had him living rent-free in his apartment for months (1 month since they broke up now), and has been paying for his school since he arrived in the US last year.

The relationship is over, and unfortunately the Thai national is not self-sufficient. I understand, for example, that he can’t legally work in the US for a year after he arrives.

I’m trying to understand what obligations my friend owes to this Thai national from a legal standpoint. In terms of housing, since the Thai has lived with my friend all this time, I understand he is probably considered a tenant, and written notice to vacate must be provided, followed by formal eviction proceedings if he fails to comply.

Does my friend have any obligation to support him since he arranged to bring him over from Thailand? The Thai national is in his 30’s.

I see the options as:

  1. Remove the guy from the apartment;
  2. Offer to pay for his return to Thailand;
  3. If he chooses to stay, he is on his own.

Am I wrong? Am I missing anything? I’m hoping the Teeming Millions can help me understand this Judge Judy type situation.

I think he has an obligation to;

a) offer him a flight home, if that would be his choice, now that the relationship is over.

b) support him, until the 1yr is up and he can legally work, if he chooses to stay. It need not be that they share accommodations, but his financial support should continue until the year is up.