Legend of the Seeker canceled? Say it's not so!

I hope this isn’t true, but I’m reading that Seeker will not be renewed for a third year. Mrs. Mahaloth and I like this show quite a bit.


Seeker Canceled

Figures. I just started watching this show again about a month ago, and I’ve liked this season better than what I saw of the first one. :frowning: Still, the article does seem a bit weak on confirmation, though, so who knows.

I have long been a faithful reader of Terry Goodkind’s “The Sword of Truth” series. They never had great dialogue, and nearly all of the characters were one dimensional, but I liked the protagognist and found the world absorbing. It was one of my guilty pleasures all the way to the recent end of the series. If the show has been cancelled, I recommend picking up the books.

(I only saw one episode of “The Legend of the Seeker” and, although I liked that they were translating the books into a TV show, I did not get hooked)

My wife and I watch it every week, and like it quite a bit, so I hope this isn’t true. But if it is then, frankly, it’s not a huge loss.

I never read the books. I like the show - it isn’t the best acted /scripted / produced, but it is pleasant to watch, and I like the new relevations. (and since I haven’t read the books I’m not bothered by canon violations) I think I like it better post Darken Rahl death.

Next week - Keisha Castle-Hughes! who is 20(!)


I read the same article the OP links a week or so ago, and I’ve been very bummed. No, LotS isn’t the best show that ever made it on TV… but it’s plenty entertaining and I will miss it a lot.

I am in the minority here. I tried it a few times and usually ended up wandering away or channel flipping.

Even though I think this year has been weaker than the first year, I think it is vastly better than most network shows and deserves a shot.

I hope SciFi* picks it up, though I doubt it.

  • I can’t typed “Syfy” without feeling silly.

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Just wanted to let you know that an “Official” decision hasn’t been made either way yet by ABC/Disney regarding ‘Legend of the Seeker’, and there’s fan campaigns going on right now to help influence that decision for a renewal :cool:

If you’d like to help, there’s information here:

‘Confessor & Seeker Society’

‘Fans Who Want a Season 3, 4, 5…’

I really enjoy the Series and am hopeful for a Season 3 :slight_smile:

A self-grapist?

I just discovered this series on DVD since thee are no stations syndicating it in my local market.

While I can’t wait for the second season to hit DVD so I can watch it, it will be bittersweet knowing that there won’t be another. :frowning:


Oh, I hope not! Where else am I going to get my Monday morning (I don’t have cable, just internet) dose of hot guys with swords who are more than happy to run around shirtless? I mean, really? :frowning:

Seriously, I really enjoy the show. I hope somebody pulls some strings somewhere.

I’ve seen a few episodes and seriously enjoy it. The first one I watched because I was too busy to switch the station, but now I find myself staying up to watch it.

But I won’t be devastated if its gone.

I’ve been liking the second season more than the first and I’ll be disappointed if it gets cancelled. I thought last week’s episode (where they’re pretending to be from a royal party to get Kahlan back) was an unbelievably stupid premise that turned out to be one of the best written episodes of the series.
Last season they tried to at least stick within the confines of the book, but now they realize there’s so much more freedom to take glimmers of the book and expand the universe in ways they see fit.
I gave up on the books after I think #5, but I don’t want to lose this series after just season 2.

Did that one turn out well? The preview looked awful, so I made a point of not bothering to set my DVR.

I hope the show gets picked up. I missed the first episodes of the first season, until SyFy showed them, but I like the rest of the season and the second season. With all the shows about doctors and detectives, it’s a nice alternative.

Yeah, it was actually pretty good. Definitely more of a lighter episode, but worth it just to watch Zed in drag. And, essentially, Kara in drag since she looked even MORE awkward than Zed while dressed in women’s clothes.

It was actually a really funny episode, perhaps their only comedy one so far. Check it out.

Netflix has season 2 available right now to watch instantly.