Legend of the Seeker - Season 2

I hope people are still watching this show. This is a show that started average, but gradually rose to become an excellent show in its first season. In fact, it’s far better than most of the crap on major networks.
That being said, I’m very disappointed with the first three episodes that have aired in season two.

This is not about the Sword of Truth book series, so let’s not get into that. I am mainly just looking at this as a stand alone TV show. In fact, I’m aware some new things in the show are from the book.

  1. Darken Rahl still plays a role? They clearly had intended for him to be the “big bad” for season one and killed him in the finale. His “survival” of sorts is a clear ret-con because they like the actor.

  2. Along with that, he had a higher power he was serving the whole time? I call “ret-con” again!

  3. Cara is joining them as a full cast member is OK, but I hate how they are handling her character. My wife said she should basically be like Ilyria on Angel, which I agree with. Instead, they are slutting her up and trying to portray her weird. I actually think they might make her part of a love triangle with Khalen and Richard. :rolleyes:

  4. Richard is Darken Rahl’s brother? Now this is something they either should have included in the first season or exclude from the book entirely. Don’t just introduce it in the new season! Yeesh!

  5. Is this Flynn guy joining their cast too? He’s horrible and lame. Please tell me he is temporary. Please. If you forgot, he’s the dude with the rune on his hand that they need to get the Stone of Tears. He’s terrible.

  6. What happened to Khalen’s makeup? Did the “network”(I know there isn’t one) send notes telling them that the natural look wouldn’t work and she needs more makeup to look like a model? She looks weird in the bright daylight of nature where they film this show. That female sorceress looked horrible to in the first episode this year. Why did they change the makeup?

  7. Richard’s beard looks wimpy. Minor point, but it’s another odd thing about this season so far.

Anyone else agree or diagree?

I’m willing to give Flynn a chance as he’s only been a minor character in two episodes so far. We’ll see how it goes. He’s annoying but not THAT annoying.

I also don’t like how they’re trying to make Kara all sympathetic. The entire point is that being a Mord Sith is so completely alien to our way of thinking we’re not supposed to identify with her. She’s just supposed to kick ass (taking names is optional).

Was it my imagination or was that Brent Spiner as a guest star playing Zedd in disguise?

I think they had to make Darken and Richard brothers. Unless there’s some powerful magic going on, the actor was never old enough to be Richard’s father.

Oh man, this already started up? I blame my complete ignorance on the fact that it’s syndicated and I never watch the CW, which it airs on in my market.

Off to Hulu to catch up.

This is my point about ignoring the books and focusing on the show alone. He didn’t need to be his father or brother in the context of the show.


Well…at this point, certainly. But he really didn’t need to be in the books either. Let’s see where it goes.

Honestly, the fact that he’d take the name of Rahl as his last name and give up Cypher seems somewhat out of character for Richard, whose whole goal is staying true to himself.

Not to Godwinize the thread, but can you imagine Harry S. Hitler? Winston Mussolini? Sure they’re not related to the vanquished…but why would you adapt the name of your mortal enemy?

Well he’s still dead… he plays a minor enough role that I don’t mind.

His motives were never really made entirely clear, but yeah they could have put in more clues about this last season.

She’s acting pretty much how I’d expect her to act, given her origin combined with her new allegiance.

I thought he was his father in the books, not that I read them. I’m fine with it, as it’s an artifact from the books and also the only way to realistically get Kara involved.

He’s supposed to be horrible and lame. A little too much comic relief perhaps, but sets up possibilities for character growth and also presents an obstacle to the quest.

Did not notice.

Yeah I was all WTF with Richard’s beard. I guess they want him to seem more worldly and mature, but I prefer him clean shaven.

Over all though I’m enjoying this season. No major gripes so far other than I thought doing the box of Orden + confessor spell would make them immune to the romantic obstacles of being a confessor.

I miss the mud people, when are we gonna go there?

I don’t know about the show but in the books Richard being the new Lord Rahl is a pretty important factor in the later books.