Legit email from Straightdope?

I haven’t opened it yet but I just got an email saying “a brief summary since your last visit”. I’ve never had an email like that so I’m not sure if I should delete without opening or read it.

There is the potential for email like that from the software, you can check your preferences and then under Emails.

One option is
Activity Summary
When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies

I’m guessing you have it checked off. If you don’t want these Emails, uncheck it.

Thank you!

No problem, I wish I had a direct way to send you to the link, but the “my” option doesn’t work for that one.

I get those too every now and then. It seems like if I don’t sign in for more than a day or so, I get one. I’m not interested in getting these, but they happen infrequently enough that I haven’t bothered to stop them, and probably won’t.