Legit or not?

I’ve seen this bizzar guy’s adds on TV and radio. Is he legit?
I’ve heard adds for this on the radio. Again, legit?

Well, as far as the first one goes, it’s basically legit, if a bit misleading. He doesn’t guarantee any money, he just provides information on how to apply for grants, which you can find online anyway. Just google on “apply for grants.”

Of course, he seems to give more info on specific grants so, it may be useful, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

As to the second one, the master spoke here on the subject of speed reading, which is what this is. I personally wouldn’t bother.

Yeah, I wasn’t too interested in Matthew Lesco, but I just thought that I’d keep it in the back of my mind, should I need to get any grants, but if I can look them up myself, without paying for a book, then…
But I am disappointed in the speed reading. Off and on, I thought about trying speed reading, so I’m glad that I didn’t waste my money on something that doesn’t work, but it’s a shame that it doesn’t work. Oh well.