I recieved this letter, and it lacked every sort of thing that comes with junk mail, and i am just wondering if anyone has seen some sort of mass mailing like this, or if it is actually legit.

Dear Sir,

Goodday to you. I realize that this might come to you as a surprise, your assistance is been craved. Basically, we have not met before, but please, I beg your indulgence to discretely ponder on this mail as the assistance been requested if granted, will give his family and myself a new beginning and profit you immensely. Now, let me start by introducing myself.

I am Barrister AKIN DELE, the personal secretary of the late Attorney General of Nigera, CHEIF BOLA IGE, who was assasinated by gunmen on the 24th of DEC. 2001. Since after his death, the Government is yet to deliberate on his successor and l am the only person who has possession of the documents to his private Bank Accounts, both home and abroad. Furthermore, his entire family knows this and has put great trust in me
for the safe keeping of these accounts. Presently, all the Lawyers who work in his chambers are being detained including me, we report to the police station and court daily for investigation on his death. I, especially, face daily interrogation about my Boss (BOLA IGE)'s assets and some vital documents. Following the recent discovery of his Bank Account by the Nigerian Government in a Swiss Bank in which the huge sum of US$700 Million and Dutchmark 450 Million were lodged, I therefore decided to contact you in confidence because, I was able to move out the sum of US$28.6 Million, which was secret and is sealed in two Metal Boxes for “security” reasons.

I therefore appeal to you seriously and religiously for your urgent assistance to move this money into your country where I believe it will be safe since the family know and trust me about this and I cannot leave the country due to the restriction imposed on the members of his (late BOLA IGE) Chambers by the Nigerian Government.

You can contact me immediately through E-mail (fokojie@yahoo.com) and l shall arrange with you for a face to face meeting outside Nigeria in order to liaise with you towards effective completion of this transaction.

However, arrangements have been put in place to move this money out of the country in the secret vault through a security company to any country in Europe/America and as soon as you indicate your interest, I and his family shall send you the Air Bill of the Luggage and other related vital documents so that you can help to claim the Luggage.

Conclusively, we have agreed to offer you 15% of the total sum, while 85% is to be held on trust by you until we can decide on a suitable business investment in your country. subsequent to our free movement by the Nigerian Government which l believe will come in due time.

Please reply urgently and treat with absolute confidentiality and utmost secrecy, as it will go a long way in determining his (late attr Gen. BOLA IGE) family’s fate.

Thanking you in anticipation of your favourable response.

Best Regards.

Frank Okojie

ABSOLUTELY A SCAM. RUN AWAY! This is the Nigerian scam you might have heard about. I’d send them a whole bunch of obscene letters back…But then again that might not be legal…

If you still had an envelope with a return address and a postmark, the FBI would love to see this.

Haha, this is some funny stuff. The weird thing is that it is unmarked. Just a blank envelope. That was really odd. No fingerprints either. (I have a lab i have access to) Oh well.

No. It’s been disscussed many times on the board. Here’s snopes debunking of it.


Looks like a small twist on the Nigerian Scam.

Whoa, i feel retarded now. I even questioned its legitimacy. Thats what you get for eating too much ice cream for breakfast and listening to Loving Spoonful.

Not the FBI; it’s the Secret Service that monitors the Nigerian Scam. And, yes, they’d like to add what you’ve received to their database.


Yes, it is a complete scam. Now, you need to ask yourself, how can I protect myself from such scams in the future? Well, I can help.

I can protect you and your assets. Just send me all of your money, and I will protect it so you won’t be tempted to invest in any scams. So, if you wish to live in peace, love, harmony, and security, send all of your money to ME. Immediately.

My satisfaction is completely guaranteed.


Ok, I am convinced Hamlet. to where can I wire my lunch money?

Sounds like they’ve streamlined the process to just gig the taker for a (likely large - security and all) air bill. Not as messy as all those protracted oil service contract overruns of yesteryear in backwater government accounts.

Ya’ still gotta have a little larceny in your heart to go for it (plus not much of anything in your head).

The “419 Coalition Website” that Snopes links to is the same one I linked to in a Pit thread.

Nothing to add except:


After reading the thread title, the only thing going through my head is:

“Too legit, too legit to quit”

Thank god I wasn’t the only one Why A Duck.

Ack I hope you saved the envelope, if the Secret Service/FBI/some crazy guy with a shotgun get the envelope they can check the glue for DNA.

Its amaizing what people leave on letters when they send em.

ACK, allow me to introduce myself. I am Robb, LLB, LLM, USDA, the personal secretary for Hamlet. Hamlet has recently found himself trapped in a room with only a computer. As he is beeing monitored, he has instructed me to to aks you to forward your lunch money to me, until such time as Hamlet finds a suitable investment scheme for your benefit.

We will hold your lunch money in the strictest of confidences.

Me too. :o