LEGO Aircraft carrier

This guy has far too much time on his hands.

Never mind the time, how the hell did he afford all those bricks?
:: impressed ::

That is absolutely amazing.

What, you didn’t see the lego Difference Engine or the lego cathedral? :eek:

I was wondering the same thing. Lego is hideously expensive, and they also generally don’t sell sets like “Just A Big Goddamn Box Of Battleship-Grey Bricks.” Surely the dud had to order the parts straight from the Lego factory.

Lego offers a ‘plan your project’ program that lets you desighn your ideas and build them to your specs.

(I only know this because I know a 9 y.o. lego-master kid- he has a million legos and a huge town that is probably 28 feet long and 14 feet wide.)

Hmph. No angled flight deck. I’m not impressed.

No, the real question was could he afford to let other nations establish lego naval superiority.

I think he must have single-handedly countered the entire Muslim boycott of Denmark.

Well, not unless he has his lego escorts which are undoubedly off-camera, otherwise that aircraft carrier is in trouble if it encounters any lego attack submarines by rival nations…:eek:

That is so fucking cool.

You guys might want to check out this thread.

I want to see the little LEGO nuclear reactor to power it.

Did you click his links? He has, in fact, built a lego destroyer.

Jut goes to show what a bloated runaway military Lego budget can produce.

One that really works.

Granted the tiny piece of nuclear fuel will cost much more then all those legos.

You people are all missing the most important aspect of these photos! We are not just witnessing a Lego Aircraft carrier, we are witnessing a Lego aircraft carrier COMING OUT OF A WALL! The carrier forward of the tower is clearly missing. It was obviously photographed right in the middle of a mini lego Philadelphia Experiment! There is no other explanation.

But is it being sent to us from the future, or is the photographer sending it to the past? Either answer makes me tremble.

He’s apparently not done with it. If you click on the “Up” link, he shows a photo of the USS Truman, and marks where each construction step is.

Mr. President, we cannot allow a LEGO Navy gap!

<cue evil laughter> I can rebuild the nuclear cruiser fleet! Sure it’ll be LEGO, but it will be able to go further, faster than any conventionally fired LEGO fleet.

The LEGO oceans of the world will be MINE!

<cue manic evil laughter… and fade to black>