Lego goes pink

Lego is creating a line of Lego toys for girls.

Like what? Girls can’t use the original Legos?

What’s so special about the new Lego kit? Well, it’s pink. Everyone knows girls can’t play with toys that aren’t pink. :smack:

I think I will boycott the pink version but keep playing with the others. Unless the Lego cops come and arrest me for playing with blue and red blocks of plastic.

Ladies, did you find yourself capable of being inventive with Legos that weren’t pastel?

Lego is trying to sell bricks. Girls (or their parents) don’t buy as many bricks as boys. Lego is trying to change that by marketing a line of bricks to girls. That is all.

It’s not as easy to find original lego as it used to be. Pity.

Now there’s lego Star Wars, lego Ninjago, Lego Alien Conquest, Lego Hero Factory, Lego Cars, Lego Harry Potter. If they are going down that path, there may as well be some girl themed ones.

I was sure Susan G. Komen had a hand in this…

I agree- don’t blame Lego, blame the parents.

There’s been ‘girls’ lego’ kits around for at least 2 years- at least this side of the pond. The blue colour box shows a picture of a house, a jeep and a helicopter- the pink box appears to contain house parts and a model pony.

I find it thoroughly depressing. I don’t remember having any lurid pink toys, and now they all apparently have to be, even stuff like lego.

If there’s a Hello Kitty set available, I’m in.

I’m a girl who’s been around a long, long time, and coloring things pink is still a good way to get me to buy them. I think it’s just good marketing to try to capture those people of either gender who prefer things pink.

My laptop skin

My mouse

My Calculator, scissors and stapler (the pink ones)

Hello Kitty has a contract with Lego rival Megabloks

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I’ve seen pink Legos around, on and off, for a few years now. I’ve never bought any. My Lego-addicted daughter has plain, castle, aliens, Star Wars, and HP–now she wants ninja ones too. It was hard coming up with ideas for Christmas presents that were not Lego.

My boyfriend’s Lego addicted daughter will love pink legos. She went to Lego robotics camp last summer and will probably build a pink robot. I, for one, welcome our pink Lego overlords.

At the Lego store, you’ve been able to purchase pink Legos from the bulk bins for years. I don’t really care if they want to market some sets directly at girls who like pink and girly things. It would only really bother me if they started calling the bright primarly colored sets “boys Legos” and the pastel ones “girls Legos”. Let’s just call them Legos.

We are the owners of at least one tub of big, pink Legos for our little girl. The pink version was actually her preference. She also has the same Legos in standard Lego colors (hand-me-downs from her brother), but tends toward the girly Legos. Since before that she didn’t have any toys of her own that weren’t her brother’s, I had no problem getting them for her.

Plus, while her brother is nearly 5 years older, sometimes he tries to “show” her how her toys work, which devolves into her getting irritated and him trying to swipe them when she gets upset. Normally they’re required to share, but I don’t mind her having some toys in a color that he’ll avoid because they’re “girly” toys. I spend a lot of time refereeing between them when I’m not working; it’s nice to have something I can whip out for her that I know he won’t touch when refereeing is more difficult (like when I’m cooking).

What surprised me (and probably shouldn’t have) is that he’s more likely to get into her things because a lot of them used to be his than vice versa.

I read that a marketing group actually studied the color preferences of young girls. They found that lavender, not pink, was the most popular choice.

There was a story about this on Morning Edition the other day. It sounded to me like the “Easter egg” colors, as the Lego spokesman called them, were the least of the changes. One was a a slightly taller figure, because girls evidently did not like the typical squat Lego guy. The thing that I thought was really interesting, though, was that their (Lego’s) research showed that the first thing boys wanted to do is build whatever it is so that it looks exactly like what’s on the box. Girls, OTH, wanted to start playing out scenarios with the figures. So the girly Legos are packaged so girls can do that without finishing “the build” (as the Lego spokesman called it) first.

Here’s a link to the story. Whether or not you agree with their marketing decisions, the story is interesting.

Why would you boycott pink Legos?

Because they’re pink? What if your daughter likes pink?

Here are the Friends kits you’re talking about. This is basically a revival of the Paradisa product line that they produced from around 1992-1996. The real blasphemy being committed here is that while all of the kits are in standard Lego mini-figure scale, there are no standard mini-figures, just these weird Bratz-like abominations (Paradisa kits used standard yellow-skinned mini-figures). Don’t girls tend to think the classic Lego people are cute? :frowning:

Tacky colour schemes aside, I do think it’s kind of neat that Lego is producing a line with a house, café, beauty shop, veterinary hospital, etc. When I was a kid the obvious appeal of the Lego Town/City series was to make actual town dioramas with lots of little shops and houses, but almost all of the “City” kits are vehicles now.

The Ninja Legos are even worse.

Like what? Ninja fans can’t use the original Legos?

I guess since I like ninjas, Lego thinks every single thing in my life is ninja-related. I’m totally incapable of enjoying anything not about ninjas, right Lego?

Come to think of it, every specialty Lego set is incredibly offensive.

Especially the bizarrely xenophobic “Space Police” series they did a couple years ago where all the cops were human, and all the crooks were aliens.

Yeah, I don’t get that either. My daughter loves the mini-figs and collects them like friends (and if she loses one, there are tears).