Legos! Lots of Legos!

This is the sort of stuff that makes me fall in love with the internet all over again:

Makes me want to drive down to Orlando and raid my parents’ house for my old store of legos. And then I began pondering hitting ebay for more and more so I could build my own amazing lego construction. I don’t know what I would build. But damn I want to.

That is so freakin’ cool. Of course, I’m OCD so I can completely understand the drive and compulsion. But still, if you can do something like that (and are able to purchase that many Legos), I say go far and picture the hell out of it just to put on the internet.

Thanks for sharing a smile. :slight_smile:

Wow…only two posts in and we broke the site already…

A few years back, there was an article in The New Yorker which included the following anecdote. At some point in the 1960’s, Norman Mailer invited a couple of his intellectual male friends over to his Manhattan apartment one evening. Said friends were shocked to find a huge pile of Lego pieces on a card table! The three became totally engrossed in the challenge, and over the next two days and nights (there’s almost something Biblical about their dedication) constructed a massive, wonderfully intricate Lego castle, approx. four feet tall and three feet wide, IIRC.

Inspired by that story, I promptly went out and bought two sets of Lego (a nice start, but not nearly enough to do another Mailer), and invited some buddies of mine to attempt a similar tour-de-force. All I got were strange looks… like this: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Now I wonder, perhaps the key to pulling this off is the right cocktails, and lots of 'em?

:confused: :o :frowning:

Nah, that’s the difference between “intellectual friends” and “buddies.” :wink:

I wish I had the space for a Lego model that massive. I’ve found some decent Lego CAD programs online, but nothing can match building with actual bricks.

Naw, just the right friends. I regard with deep suspicion anybody who refuses to get up to his wrists in legos given the opportunity.

Full disclosure alert: I actually know this guy. You may judge me accordingly.

I’ve got kids 5 & 8 years old.

Each kid has a 20 gallon tote of the medium size Lego & Mega blocks.

We have spent entire mornings build large Lego cities.

It is fun for all.

Whose old store of legos???


OK, I’m sure you added to it mightily. I know you got a bunch from your older brothers, though. Man, I can still recall the sound of swishing through a huge pile of Legos, looking for that one piece you needed. Good stuff.

(For those who haven’t caught on, the OP is my younger brother. We have one older brother as well.)

The Scrivener, do you happen to recall, withint maybe five years either way, when that piece ran? I got The Complete New Yorker DVD-ROM set for Christmas and I’d love to look it up.

That inspired me to dig out my old tub of Legos from my closet just now.

Since I’m currently living at home (for a few months, anyway), and my sister has moved out and now has her own house, that means that any Legos and stuff still kicking around her old room are fair game for me, right?

It’s gotta be from the last ten years, since I’ve been a subscriber for only 10 or maybe 11 years. I think I read it about four years ago, but I keep the magazines around in big ugly piles of guilt-inducing reading material, so it wasn’t necessarily published at that time. Search back in time starting around 2002, then, and try keywords like LEGO, Lego, and Mailer – and good luck! I wouldn’t mind reading it again, myself, if I still have that issue around here. :slight_smile:

Sure, this get lots of replies, but no one here is excited / intrigued / scared of Mindstorms NXT?


Mindstorms NXT?

:: interested look ::

(Oh yes, I still have all my Legos. Why?)

One of the great things about having a three year old child is that you can play with Legos whenever you want. :smiley:

I’ve even trained her to put them away when we’re done playing.

Hey, I don’t need a kid to play with Legos, I just need money. :smiley: I foolishly gave away all my original childhood toys to my myriad of cousins when I was a teenager, including my Lego collection which comprised nearly all the Classic Space sets and a few other random sets for good measure. But now I can buy new stuff and I don’t have to share. I even have a Lego webpage! I haven’t gotten around to making anything else cool like that one spaceship, but I will eventually. Here are more of my favorite Lego sites (no, I don’t get paid or anything, I’m just a fan):

BrickFrenzy Lots of goofy and/or awesome creations. Check out his rendition of the Nebuchadnezzar from the Matrix.

Brickshelf Free hosting for Lego creations; hotlinking is allowed. Many Lego fan’s websites use Brickshelf for image hosting.

BrikWars Lego meets wargaming. Chaos is encouraged.

Bruce’s Homepage This guy does a lot of movie themed stuff.

Et In Arcadia LEGO This guy has very elegant spaceship designs. I know that sounds weird when talking about Lego, but take a look.

Fleebnork More silly fun.

FoundryDX This guy makes mecha based on Robotech and Gundam, among others.

Lego Construction Site This is a woman in the UK who makes working scale models of construction equipment out of Lego.

Mladen’s Lego Creations This guy makes the most awesome mecha you ever saw.

The Brick Testament Bible stories illustrated with Lego, in all their gory detail. He’s an atheist with a theology degree.

I got more links if anyone’s interested, I just thought these were the best. I can email the others on request. Or just Google on “lego mecha” or whatever.

Initiating bitter argument about whether it’s ‘Lego’ or ‘Legos’ in 5… 4… 3…

Already been done

That’s what I mean; it happens every time.

Mindstorms NXT thread:


Having stepped on approximately the amount of legos required to build a full scale model of the space shuttle just to get to the computer to read this topic, my first thought was, “Way cool, I’ve got to show these pics to Lego Boy!” Then, carefully considering the potential consequences, my next thought was, “What am I, nuts?”

Thanks, I think, for sharing.