Leif EriKson on the Belt Parkway?

I’ve long wondered why there is a section along the Belt Parkway in NYC called “Leif Erikson Drive”. It’s near the Verrazano Bridge. Does this mean that NYC is also duped into thinking that Leif Erikson landed there too?

I kinda doubt it- the capital of Ohio is named “Columbus,” but it’s not because anyone thinks he was actually there.

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Lots of people have speculated that the Vikings may have made it to the New York area, but I’m not convinced of any of those claims. Frederick Pohl thought the place the Vikings called Straumsey was Governors Island, I believe. More recently Icelander Páll Bergþórsson wrote a book indicating he believes New York was the site of Hóp. But Leif probably never visited either Hóp or Straumsey. (Leif himself didn’t actually do very much of the exploring of Vinland–his extended family did.) I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if someone claimed N.Y. was the site of Leifsbúðir (where Leif built his temporary shelters), but I wouldn’t be inclined to believe such a claim.

There have been lots of things in the U.S. named after Leif, usually at the instigation of Scandinavian-Americans. There’s a park named after him in Duluth, Minnesota, but I’m pretty sure he never made it that far.

There’s a lot of other things named after him too, like music, like the Maple Leif Rag…