Lenny and the Squigtones

About 20 years ago, my brother gave me an album (remember them?) entitled Lenny and the Squigtones. My copy is now warped a bit and skips on my turntable when I am in the mood to feel 10 years old again. My question----is there anyway I could get it re-recorded on CD? Are there companies that do that sort of thing for a private individual?

If it didn’t skip, this would be a no-brainer, you could do it yourself; companies doing it could be slapped with a copyright violation suit.

If you can play without skipping when you get lucky, spend a couple of hundred dollars on a CD-read-write drive. You may want to record to hard drive before you burn the CD, otherwise a skip would be heartbreak.

Phillips sells a CD recorder for your stereo, about $600. Should become more common eventually.

thanks for the info. have to say didnt think of a copyrite thing. I knew companies made videos out of home movies, but I guess not many families copyrite their vacations etc.

I will investigate the cd read-write thingamajigy. Otherwise will wait until the 600 dodad falls down in price.

When I do my first copies of this classic will be sent to you both who responded.
(Please don’t report me if this is successful) :wink: